Dr. Jon K. Zwingel is the lead Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. Before coming to SGBC, he had served faithfully for 15 years as a church planting missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia. Starting a church from scratch, with zeal to disciple and train, Pastor Jon was then able to turn that church over to a Russian national pastor. After planting a Baptist Church in the city, Pastor Jon then continued serving with other national pastors as a pastor of discipleship. He has written a number of Bible study materials and gospel literature to help edify the church and to sow seed into the hearts of unbelievers. Gifted with expository preaching, Pastor Jon seeks to bring out the Biblical truths contains in the Scripture and have it apply to the hearer. Taking heed seriously to “Feed the flock of God which is among you”.

He is happily married to Larisa and they have a wonderful daughter named Kristina.


Pastor Thomas Smith is the Pastor Emeritus of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. He was with the NJ State Police for 14 years prior to being called into the ministry. He attended Northeastern Bible College in Essex Falls New Jersey and has been in the ministry since October of 1975.The main focus of his ministry is the teaching and preaching of the word of God with a strong emphasis on Prayer. He has always endeavored to teach the truth of the word of God in an uncompromising way and his emphasis toward prayer is such that he will never compromise the prayer meeting under any circumstance. He continues to exhort the brethren to attend all meetings. He loves his congregation and his desire for them is to take full advantage of the means of grace that God has given to us to persevere and endure in the faith until the end. He takes this ministry seriously as one who has to give an account. So in light of all this, it is not surprising to see his passion for the ministries of the church such as: prayer, discipleship, and the various forms of outreach like Sermon Audio to name a few.