1689 London Baptist Confession

The purpose of this confession of faith is to set before all who are interested those Biblical truths that we hold to be essential to the faith and practice of the child of God, and for regulating the corporate life of the Church of Jesus Christ. It is not to be held as an infallible and authoritative rule, since believers are bound by Holy Scripture and Holy Scripture alone. At the same time, however, it is highly necessary and useful to have a clear statement of faith that seeks to maintain doctrinal precision with a reasonable degree of fullness.

The content of this confession of faith relies heavily on and has borrowed extensively from the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, including some of the comments in this introduction.

Well established believers will find little if any difficulty in accepting most of the truths in this document. On the other hand there are matters set forth that are not universally accepted and on which opinions are divided. We include them, however, because they are clearly taught in Scripture and are matters of eternal significance. These truths have been embraced by the saints in the true church of all ages, and the accepting of them is essential for a proper understanding of saving grace and the preaching of the gospel.

Those newly converted to Christ are not expected at the outset, either to know or understand all the great truths set out in this confession, but acquaintance with all the facets of the faith is something to be desired and pursued. This is especially true in this present day and age since there is a great controversy raging in the church over the most basic of doctrines
Decades of shallow, superficial preaching and teaching has had a devastating effect on the church, in that it has left many professed believers biblically illiterate. This “…famine… of hearing the words of the Lord…” has made many vulnerable to a false “man centered gospel” that is so popular today. This “other gospel” often produces and promotes a counterfeit faith that can prove ruinous to unwary souls.

This confession of faith helps form the doctrinal foundation of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. The truths contained herein are to be embraced, taught, defended and passed on to future generations.

PDF file of the 1689 LBC found HERE